QUESTION 1 What are two advantages for using NSX for vSphere's Logical Switching? (Choose two.) A. Expands the number of available VLANs. B. Allows for Layer 2 switching over Layer 3 infrastructure. C. Distributes Layer 3 data across multiple hypervisors D. Provides for 10,000 logical segments. Correct Answer: BD Exam Answers - MicrosoftQUESTION 2 Which component provides for installation of NSX hypervisor kernel components and user world agents? A. NSX Controller B. NSX Edge Virtual Appliance C. NSX Manager D. vRealize Automation Correct Answer: C 648-232 : Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and ImplementationQUESTION 3 You are tasked with designing a data center architecture that should maximize the use of vMotion within your environment. The design has these requirements: The network must utilize widely offered layer 2 switching and layer 3 switching services Purchase of new equipment should be minimized Which two network design architectures will provide the requirements for vMotion in your data center? (Choose two.) A. Utilize layer 3 switching from the access layer through the core. B. Employ layer 2 multipathing using a standardized protocol. C. Deploy a flat, traditional layer 2 switched network. D. Deploy an overlay technology for the deployment of your virtual network. Correct Answer: AD QUESTION 4 Which two statements are valid regarding vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) and NSX? (Choose two.) A. Both vCNS and NSX support multiple hypervisor environments. B. NSX provides support for multiple hypervisor environments, vCNS does not. C. Both vCNS and NSX support dynamic routing protocols. D. NSX supports dynamic routing protocols, vCNS does not. Correct Answer: BD 3I0-012 QUESTION 5 An administrator wishes to upgrade to NSX from the following infrastructurE. vCenter Server 4.1 vShield 5.0 ESXi hosts 4.1 What is a valid, minimum set of steps to properly upgrade this environment to NSX?A. 1. Upgrade vCenter Server 4.1 to vCenter Server 5.5 2. Upgrade vShield 5.0 to vShield 5.5 3. Upgrade ESXi hosts to ESXi 5.1 or greater 4. Install the NSX upgrade bundle B. 1. Upgrade vCenter Server 4.1 to vCenter Server 5.1 2. Upgrade vCenter Server 5.1 to vCenter Server 5.5 3. Upgrade ESXi hosts to ESXi 5.1 or greater 4. Install the NSX upgrade bundle C. 1. Upgrade vCenter Server 4.1 to vCenter Server 5.5 2. Upgrade ESXi hosts to ESXi 5.1 or greater 3. Install the NSX upgrade bundle D. 1. Upgrade vCenter Server 4.1 to vCenter Server 5.5 2. Upgrade vShield 5.0 to vShield 5.5 3. Install the NSX upgrade bundle Correct Answer: AQUESTION 6 Layer 2 Multipathing (L2MP) and Multi-chassis Etherchannel (MEC) features have distinct scaling differences with the network switching and routing services provided by NSX. Which two statements provide a proper contrast of these services? (Choose two.) A. Multi-chassis Etherchannel features provide higher utilization of Ethernet links within a defined L2/L3 distribution area. B. Multi-Chassis Etherchannel features provide an easy ability to scale a VLAN across the data center. C. NSX provides a method to transparently deploy L2MP protocols upon existing data center installations without service disruption. D. NSX provides a method to deploy scalable L2/L3 services on existing data center installations. Correct Answer: AD RCDD-001 dumps Exams - Free VCE Exams For All 070-685 QUESTION 7 Which two are valid statements regarding third-party services and NSX? (Choose two.) A. Third party services are automatically registered with NSX Manager. B. Third party services can either be automatically or manually registered with NSX Manager. C. Third party services require the deployment of a virtual appliance. D. Third party services may or may not utilize a service virtual appliance. Correct Answer: BD pass4itsure C2020-703 dumps QUESTION 8 Which VMware NSX for vSphere component can be created on-demand using vRealize Automation? A. The logical switch B. The logical distributed router C. The distributed firewall D. The NSX Edge Services Gateway Correct Answer: A QUESTION 9 Which NSX feature provides the ability to audit network traffic, define and refine firewall polices, and identify threats to the network? A. ERSPAN B. Flow MonitoringC. Logical Routers D. Service ComposerQUESTION 11 Which two statements are true regarding NSX? (Choose two.) A. Workloads can be placed and moved independently of physical topology. B. Operational efficiency can be achieved through automation of the physical network. C. Workload deployments are non-disruptive over the existing physical network. D. NSX implementation requires a VMware vSphere environment. Correct Answer: AC Sale Best MicrosoftStudy Material, 070-346 Brain Dumps 117-202 QUESTION 10 How does NSX simplify physical network design? A. VLANs are moved into the virtual network for virtual machine traffic, eliminating the need to use Private VLANs on the physical network. B. Network administrators only need to configure routing on the physical network for virtual machine traffic since all other network functions are moved to the virtual network. C. Transport zones are created in the virtual network for virtual machine traffic, removing the need to make changes to the physical network. D. Virtual network integration can make changes to the physical network programmatically using REST API calls which automates network changes and increases agility. Correct Answer: C 070-412 QUESTION 12 Which two characteristics of the underlying physical network does VMware NSX require for robust IP transport? (Choose two.) A. The physical network should provide scalable network I/O using Layer 2 Multipathing (L2MP) and Multichassis Link Aggregation (MLAG). B. The physical network should provide scalable network I/O using Equal Cost Multipathing (ECMP). C. QoS is not necessary since classification and marking will be done in the overlay. D. QoS classification and marking is required to provide end-to-end flow control. Correct Answer: BD PoliDisc Records

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